About Vanessa Nabhani

Vanessa has built her career in digital brands at the intersection of lifestyle and technology for over 10 years. She has been a key part of management at innovative and disruptive consumer companies such as global luxury fashion platform Farfetch, beauty content & commerce retailer Violet Grey, and the original subscription model company Shoedazzle.

Vanessa began her career as a strategy consulting advising private equity and Fortune 500 clients on consumer growth strategy. She designed and managed numerous consumer studies, creating insights that have resulted in product developments, market expansions, and brand redesigns. She went on as a marketing strategist to develop "Voice of the Customer" programs and customer research studies for companies eager to have a pulse on their audience.

Along the way, Vanessa fell in love with the human element of a company's strategic outlook — team development and strategic planning. Having led teams through organizational change both as an internal change agent as well as an external consultant, Vanessa has held numerous offsites and workshops designed to help teams define their mission and adopt new behaviors.

Vanessa received a B.S. in Psychology at Northwestern University and an MBA with a focus in Marketing, Management & Organizations, and Decision Sciences at the Kellogg School of Management.

What would a Psych major with an MBA do, but focus on the people and help companies get the most out of them.

Your business is all about the people.
— Vanessa Nabhani